to Upper Burger Grill

US Prime Beef Burger's & Dry Aged Steaks
In Centre of West Berlin
Rankestr. 3, 10789 Berlin


Quality, Freshness, Ambience

Behind the Upper Burger Grill stand three executive directors, a chef cook and an international team of junior cooks and service staff.

The directors' trio, before opening the Upper Burger Grill, had travelled around the world gaining valuable culinary experience which they brought over to Berlin. Here, in the heart of the 'mother city', they estimated together an exclusive grill house, designed and furnished it tastefully and equipped it at a state-of the-art level.

Our own Dry Aging Fridge

Essential for any modern equipped kitchen of a grill house: the original dry ager meat maturing fridge for the best world-known steak.

Our Dry Ager contains the best meat without genetic modification or food additives. After 21 days of maturing in a perfect micro-climate the dry aged beef is prepared on the grill and served as a tender medium steak to your table.

The Meat Mincer

The most important part of any burger is the patty. The correct preparation of burger meat is top priority, the process begins with mincing the meat.

The burger patties at the Upper Burger Grill are all home made: the meat mincer with a special cooling system processes top quality premium meat into juicy mince. This is the way the wide range of our tasty burgers from classic to extravagant are made.

Upper Burger Grill
Rankestr. 3
10789 Berlin

+49 (0)30 - 55 22 17 33